Press Release, January 9th, 2020

We at FAWG want to thank the unbelievably generous community of Fallon, of Churchill County, and those further outside the County line.

From the one soul who picked up a little bag of kitten food, to the many who have placed us on regular shipments through Amazon or Chewy’s, to the folks who came by with literally hundreds of pounds of cat food, hundreds of dollars of donations, to even the folks outside the area (including a couple friends of mine who live far off in other states!) who placed orders, who mailed personal checks, we have no adequate way to express our thanks.

I have been informed that the local Girl Scouts will be running a donation drive for us through the 14th. This is yet more of the giving hearts of our community teaching the next generation that the most unique part of our Humanity is how we work for those smaller or lesser than us, even when they’re not humans. That the heart of our Humanity is our Compassion for others.

With Warmest Regards, and Greatest, most Tremendous Thanks,

Fallon Animal Welfare Group, a 501(c)(3) charity