About Us

Fallon Animal Welfare Group is a 501(c)(3) cat rescue organization formed in 2010 by local people concerned about the welfare of our homeless cats in Churchill County, Nevada.

Our Mission Statement: To rescue feral, abandoned and surrendered cats and kittens from the Churchill County Animal Shelter (kill shelter) for vaccination, spay/neuter, and adoption; to assign barn jobs for the county’s feral cats; to foster and socialize feral kittens for adoption; to hold monthly adoption events.

What we do: FAWG focuses on improving the lives of cats in our county through, among others, Trap/Neuter/Return of feral and community cats, whenever possible relocating them to barn jobs as working cats.

The cats and kittens we take in are neutered or spayed, vaccinated, and adopted into forever homes. We have no facility so we depend on volunteers to foster our cats and kittens until adoption.

What else does FAWG do? Besides Trap/Neuter (or Spay)/Return, we help the county Animal Shelter and CAPS by emptying their inventory of cats and kittens; we also help when needed by donating both dog and cat food. The cats and kittens we recover this way are cared for until the ferals are fixed, given shots then hired out as barn cats; the socialized pets are cared for until they are adopted out either by us or by the Humane Society.