Fostering Needed!

We are in desperate need of fosters!

We have multiple pregnancies, these cats couldn’t be fixed in time due to the shut-down of all non-essential services.

There are four feral pregnant cats. They will need an enclosed barn or structure of some kind, and they need to be monitored until delivery then kept for 8 weeks. They need to be kept shut inside this barn with food, water and a litterbox. We will supply the food and cat litter, and answer all questions regarding needs of a gestating/delivering cat, and will help if the kittens are rejected by the mother cat.

There are four “friendlies.” These cats will need a room for quiet and peace until they deliver, and gentle interactions. As above, we will supply food and cat litter.

In both cases a cardboard box or other small place where the mother cat can feel safe, assuming she decides that’s what she wants. We will come and claim the families when the kittens are 8 weeks old, so they can get their shots and everyone can be adopted through our Petfinder page.

Please call us if you can help! 775 217 6832